68.  Green out

Today I have a green feeling I don’t really know why because everything is still white. I wanted to go out to find a perfect background but I didn’t get over the gate because of the amount of snow. ( so you may see a few post with this background in the future:/) There was a big  snow storm at the night and it made 3-4 m  snow walls! I can’t really go outside and I am feel a bit isolated. Anyway as I have this green feeling I was looking for this green tights(Calzedonia)and scarf(C&A). I paired it with this chocolate brown trench coat(Orsay) and a light brown skirt(H&M)! Last week I found this knitted vintage sweater on the attic and I was so I happy, I really love it.  I take this bag(?) it makes another sense of brown and my furry boots(Deichmann). Although I was never a big fan of green but I really  adore this shade. This green and the different browns are  become my new favourite.

…and my new baby