My Fave bloggers

Unfortunately I am ill and I can’t even do anything. I’m watching films, drinking teas and reading blogs a whole day. It’s a bit boring but I have an idea to show you some of my favourite bloggers! They most of all recognized girls who work as professional bloggers but some of them just do it as a hobby. I hope you will find bloggers who you don’t know so far.

First is Kristina Bazan from Kayture, you might know her. She started her blog in 2011 to show her individual sense of fashion. Kristina wears luxury brands and takes part in fashion shows. She travels around the world and participate in video presentations. Her personal blog insight her lifestyle and inspire people. She discover new brands, products and events. Check her blog: here.

She is  Betti from “Le blog de Betty”.  She is a really talented girl with an own bag for Lancaster. She takes part luxurious events, fashion shows and meets famous people. She posts about her day and  her outfits. Betti’s photos are amazing. Her blog is a window for her lifestyle. She is a french girl but travels all over the world. Check her blog: here.
Frassy by Audrey Leighton. She is an american girl but grew up in Spain and Ireland. She started her blog at a University as a casual creative pursuit. She has an adorable style and attractive photos. She always wearing sunglasses for every outfits. Check her blog: here.

She is Kristen from New York. I love her style.  She has an interesting blog about her outfits with different backgrounds and street style inspirations. She makes fantastic looks and awesome photos. Check her blog: here.
Jenny from good, bad and fab. She born in Shanghai but live in LA. Jenny is a young lawyer by day and a fashion blogger by night. Fashion is her passion and she worked with several brands like Guess and Gap. She attended fashion weeks all over the world. Check her blog: here.

I check their blogs almost every day but I have several other favourite bloggers. I decided I will share some of them with you every month.