93. Wet Roses

Rainy days! I hate them, and meteorologist said it won’t change until a week.
Bad weather usually kills my hapiness. It’s so cold nowadays so I take  back my sweaters, jumpers and boots. Feel so much more better in a big cute sweater. This outfit contains a dress which I used as a skirt, a kerchief, black boots and a denim jacket. I am wearing a big knitted jumper which keeps me totally warm. I match it with a brown bag and a white bracelet.
On the way from school to home, I saw a lot of roses and they were awesomely beautiful because of the water  drops so I took some photos about my favourites. 

kerchief: Orsay / skirt(dress): H&M / bag: Camaieu / boots: Deichmann / jacket: Promod / jumper: Takko / bracelet: Bijou Brigitte