My sweet white cat has a birthday today so she inspired this outfit. I have two cats a white and black. In general it’s a pastel look but I made up with this vivid pink clutch. I think this is my all-time favourite clutch, I use it a lot of times, it made  up everything. Aaand this kitten tee has an own story. I just finished in the H&M fitting room and opened the door when I saw this cutie in a hands of a little girl. Frist, I thought how cute is it? then I know I need it. It was too big for the little girl so I was lucky. The eyes of this cat is soo stunning. I adore it!
I wear it with blue printed pants and I stole my mum’s sandals because it fits me very well.
Tomorrow, I am going to France but I won’t left my blog alone so stay with me.

Birthday girl!  My little tiger! ❤

tee: H&M/ sandals: Toms / pants: H&M / clutch: Promod / bracelets: H&M