Free Falling

This post is inspired by skateboarding as well. I found a skateboard in the cellar and I was wondering about the possibilities what I can do with it. 
Of course, I wanted to learn it first but it’s not as easy as it looks like. Also, I was thinking about what to wear for skateboarding. So,  it was my basic idea to make this post.  

I shot with  Virág. 
As I said, I’m not so sporty but sometimes I feel I should wear things like this. This kinda style is not so close to my heart but I like it anyway.
I was wearing a white selfmade tee with blue shorts, denim shirt and loafers. 
This sport is about being simple, being cool and effortless and Virág’s look just prove that. She was wearing a basic tee with torned jeans and blue skater flats.
We both use my mustard beanie because it gives the real skateboarding feeling. haha:)

loafers: Deichmann/ short: Takko/ London boy tee: selfmade / shirt and plastic bracelet: New Yorker / ring: Bijou Brigitte / beanie: f&f
jeans: italy / basic tee: H&M / flat: fishbone 

*Check out our video on instagram about the skateboarding experiences*