Over the clouds

Unfortunately, school is almost here and it means that autumn – winter is coming soon! Well, I really, really want to move to Australia for this time. We had snow in March so it’s so close to see the white streets again. But, I am a little excited because I am going to learn german and hopefuly french. 
Although, it’s still summer the weather is more like autumn. There isn’t a lot of thing what I can do if it  is raining  so I had some shopping for school. Shops are already full of fall/ winter collections so I couldn’t stand to not to buy some adorable sweater.

White is the new black. I mean white on white trend is much more interesting than black on black.
I don’t have a lot of white things even I love this colour. I was wearing an old ballet dress with a zipper skirt and a bolero over it. Well, it’s a strange combo because the dress is not really my size  and it is too  short so I took the skirt under it but I kept the ruffles over, so it looks  like a peplum dress.
I paired it with my white wedges and of course a turban. It’s my new addiction.

clutch: H&M / wedges: Sebastian/ skirt+turban: New Yorker