Twisted dots

My second school day is over. Well, it wasn’t very bad but when I got my timetable I was pretty shocked.
35 lessons for five days! with a lot of 0. lessons which means I have to be at school around 7. I need more time to figuring out how would I wake up on those days.
But I had my first german lesson which is a great  news. A lot of words are the same as english so it won’t be that difficult.

Today I was wearing a dotted skirt, black top and my old-fave boots. I also got my books today so I toke this black leather backpack and I have to say I started love it. 
I wanted to make a twist, to give something special to my look so I risked wearing double dots. Why not? 

Aand I found a new favourite series, okay pretty little liars is still the best one. Twisted is about a boy who killed his aunt at age 11 and spent 5 years at juvie and now he came back to the town. I just started it and it’s pretty interesting so I’m not going to tell more because I want you  to be suprised.

skirt: Atmosphere/ jacket: Takko Fashion/ top+ bracelet: H&M / necklace: Pimkie/ socks: H&M / boots: Deichmann/ backpack: Sanches