Indian Summer

Probably, it’s my last  outfit in a sleeveless t-shirt  in this year.  Indian summer has also  finished and people say we will have a hard winter, again.

By the way, I really into midi skirts now,  however I more like it on others than me.  I found this layered skirt at the back of my wardrobe.  Honestly, I did not like it for the first time, the print and the material made me think the ancient ottoman servants’ dress.  
Okay, I might watch too much Suleiman.  Orange and blue are not a usual pair but it doesn’t mean they can’t go well. I was wearing a dark orange t-shirt with statement gold embellishment, black wedges and blue clutch.  

t-shirt: C&A/wedges: Deichmann/ bracelet: Bijou Brigitte / skirt and clutch: old