I haven’t posted for a couple of days because a lot of stuff going on and I just don’t have enough time.
My second problem is the darkness. I mean, the sun goes down so early so when I get home it’s usually too dark for shooting and too cold. Btw, it’s almost winter and the snow might comes tomorrow. Honestly, I’m not looking forward for it.

As the weather gets colder I go for knits.
I found this one from my mom’s old closet and I couldn’t wait to wear. I paired with a tartan skirt (already seen here) boots and a brown clutch. Nowadays, I wear a lot of hats. I don’t really know why I just feel I need it. So here is my outfit! Hope, you like it!

skirt:F&F/ hat+bracelet: H&M/ knit: vintage / boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Have a nice day!