Going to a hairdresser is on my list since almost a half year but when I’m exactly in the chair I always change my mind and chop back 2cm or shorter. So 9cm was a hard decision! I know how crazy it sounds like because its just hair but long hair gives some ‘kind of safe’ and make up. Now, I realised that having a short hair makes life easier. I mean brushing, drying takes less time. It feels so fresh and I’m not gonna have longer hair anymore, its much better.

This is my favourite skirt at the moment. I got it for christmas and I would wear it every single day, I have thousands of idea what to wear with. I have a soft  obsession on baroque prints since 2 years. Unfortunately I don’t have many chance to find things with a baroque sense so when I see something with this print I immediately buy it. I don’t really know why do I like them so much, maybe I’m living in a bad century. ehh

Btw, a few words about my necklace. It’s a swallow and I’ve never wore necklaces like this before, just statement or long ones so it’s special. Don’t know why..I am changing.

What do you think of this outfit?

skirt: New Yorker/ shirt+bag+hat: H&M/ boots: Jeffrey Campbell/

Have a nice day!