I’m really happy that this week is finally over tgif! I had so many exams and tests but now I say it’s worth the effort and hours I’ve spent learning useless things. Ok, maybe they are not useless because of the graduation but where am I going to use my knowledge of worms and rocks. Not to the talk about the Trojan epics, Zeus relatives and so on.  
Every time I wake up and look my window I thought ‘aw spring finally!!’ and then I open the door and feel the freezing minuses. Birds are tweeting, flowers are opening. Is the nature realise that its January?! Sweaters are still my rescuers these days, I love them. This one is quite old from my mum’s  old wardrobe. I wore a black shirt under the sweater, black statement necklace and my leather skirt.
What do you think?  

fur coat:H&M/ skirt: NewYorker/necklace:Orsay/ sneakers:New Yorker/sweater:old