To be honest, I was in a debt for  couple days because I created this blog to show something special while lately I just posted black and dark boredom. So I stopped for a moment and think about it. I still can’t go out from my ‘black-white-grey’ winter comfort zone but I started mixing patterns. Prints are fun, aren’t they?

So this is the outfit I wore today. Actually, I wore this blazer on Christmas Eve when I got that skirt. My first thought was that ‘what about them together?’ but then I just put this idea in the background. The white tulle is a part of my ballet dress, I wore at 8yrs.  So here is a mix’n’match outfit with hearts, flowers and baroque patterns. What do you think? 

skirt:New Yorker/bag+necklace:C&A/top:H&M/blazer:Atmosphere


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