Sailing to nowhere

The awaited snow has finally arrived and I’m quite happy since it becomes dirty mud. Whatever, the photos were taken in a lonely,snowy field. To be honest I was suprised when  I saw these pictures. It looks totally different that I expected. I mean the first thing I thought watching the photos was this song haha. 

The vintage sweater has turtle neck and as long as a dress normally. It has the two things what I  hate on  sweaters but look! magic I wore it.  Its colour just match my ‘turban’ which is so useful in this ringing frost weather. I have no idea what makes wearing a skirt on winter in the mornings. Its strange to say that I wear more skirts on winter than summer. 

bag: New Yorker/ sweater:vintage/ skirt: New look/boots: Jeffrey Campbell/turban:H&M

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