Snowy land & Sunny winds 

The first real snow in Miskolc. It’s around 4 cm so the public transport is blocked and my boots get wet after 10 minutes walking. My early pleasure for the snow had gone. So I’m here wearing a big fur coat, double sweaters, leather pants and skirt.

Winter is about layering so it’s my way to survive to long snowy months. I was chasing the perfect winter coat when I found this one. Not really my notion but love at first sight. Grey, furry,big it has all the properties I need. It took 4 hours to find. wow

I wanted to try  pants+skirt trend since I heard about it. Actually, I did but it was accidental and quite unacceptable. But here is combo what I can totally recommend: leather pants+leather skirt.
My final touch was a blue hat with a grey furry tassel. Cutest piece of my winter closet.
What do you think?

coat+pants+skirt:New Yorker/bag+necklace:H&M/hat+sweater:C&A/boots:Jeffrey Campbell