So first of all, Happy Valentine’s day everyone! ❤
Whether you are a lover or a single lady ( I’m the latter) this celebration is joyful. I love seeing the heart shaped decorations  and red bows in the shops. I think I’m going to celebrate it like I did last year, with shopiiing and surprising myself with some cool stuff.

So I put together a wishlist  under 50$ from Choies.
I just found this cool site with lot of cute and adorable clothes. Finally, I can satisfy my cat obsession.hah  I obviously crazy for everything with animal prints so this is my site to shop.

Here is a list of my favourites:

Black skate dress with cat print ~ 34$ (here)
King of the beasts sweatshirt~28$ (here)
Mini skater with pleats~20$ (here)
 Cat pattern sweatshirt~26$ (here)
Skater dress~32$ (here)
Green midi skater skirt~26$ (here)
Grey sweatershirt ~31$ (here)
Clock pattern bag~37$ (here)
Double dogs printed T-shirt~39$ (here)
Dog print shift shirt~14$ (here)
Check their site here & have fun!