Bubble Gum Glow

I haven’t posted since a while because the weather is terrible, rainy and dark. So everyone is depressed and arrogant. Dear spring, where are you?

I still can’t decide that I like this outfit or no. It seems like a rebel teen left the prom night and went to skateboarding instead. Something like that which I don’t really think I would ever do. 
Dots are still the coolest pattern so why wouldn’t I wear double dots together?

I almost forgot about that dress which I bought 2 years ago for an occasion but  lately I started watching Carrie diaries again and this dress has a Carrie feeling, at least for me.
I don’t really wear neon or too flashy colours together but not today. Turquoise beanie stolen from Petra plus my pink clutch.
What do you think? 

blazer:Orsay/wedges: New Yorker/ necklace+bracelt: H&M