Everything is amazing, magic is all around us waiting to be discovered. Same with wizards. I don’t know if they are people or creatures with the power to make things better. Actually, I think everyone is a wizard  and have a kind of magic to make their atmosphere better but mostly they just forget about it. The fate hasn’t written yet.

I read a lot recently. Every kind of books without selection. It’s fun.  At the moment, I’m ill so I have time. An old book about wizards and witches in the mediocrity came into my hands. I think I would have never read books like this before because I didn’t believe them. I still don’t but I might get the meaning. I don’t think  that my outfit is ‘wizardious’ because it’s such an everyday look but the hat..maybe. I got that vintage coat from my grandma, and I like it so much it goes well almost everything.
What do you think?  

jeans: H&M/shirt:Vogele/coat: vintage/boots: Jeffrey Campbell