Middle of Nothing

When my spring break started I decided that I will be so productive like writing more posts, learning, sort my wardrobe, catch up with my series and so on… Well… it didn’t really happened ( except series:D) but it would have been a magic because I only had 4 days including Easter. 
So, I used this really tiny amount of time to  relax and chill with my friends. Get a hot chocolate & watch a movie or hang in a park and trying to skateboarding. That’s what I did for 4 super happy days.
Sadly, its over and I just started to learn for tomorrow. Nevermind, only 5 weeks to summer!!!
Here is my off duty look for the spring break. A vintage sweater, leather skirt and cut out boots are just perfect for every occasion. Especially, for doing exactly nothing.:D

sweater:vintage/skirt:C&A/boots:NewYorker/sunglasses:Promod/bag: Sanches