Waves of Changes

I have been on 3 mini olympics lately so I’m not lying when I say i’m exhausted. Yes, also need more time to catch up with this blog and finish my book.  Oh, dear plans!
A second spring break is on the way so I just pray for the better weather. Seriously, I shot these photos today afternoon and now I’m stuck in my room with hot chocolate and watching the storm outside. It’s really fab but it constraints to stay inside all the time.
I think I’ve become quite sporty so far maybe thanks to the contests. So I was inspired by my sneakers because I was too lazy change them after the contest and I got an idea. I bought that daisy dress on glamour days and I wore it as a skirt because I keep the full dress for paris. hah. A grey top and 3 selfmade necklace. My spontaneous outfit is ready. 

What do you think?

dress: H&M/ sneakers: Hervis/ sunnies: Promod/top: Levis