First of all: Welcome June, welcome summer!

I didn’t want to photograph an other crop top..but it was so hot and they are so damn cool! So here I am with yellow roses, leather skirt and burgundy top. 
I don’t know ( maybe it’s just my crazy) but those photos have an italian feelin’. I really, really could imagine myself wearing this outfit and walking through Verona’s streets. 

And a little apologise for the lack of posts..gonna catch up and update in maximum of 3 days. Well, at least I have a goal..I will see if I can manage.
Actually school is the annoying thing which usually takes my time and chemistry is here for me to not to waste time for sleeping and etc. Only 8 days and its over! and it means that 10 days and Paris!! Can’t wait!
Btw I still have a physics and  a geography exam this week so wish me luck…a lot of luck!

skirt: H&M/ top: Next/ sandals: Deichmann