Essentially Spring

Flowers for spring? How surprising. It sounds a cliche but I actually like. Crowded streets with floral outfits, smell of spring and blossoming trees. That’s how my city looks like recently. It’s awesome.

Today was such a sunny day so I wore my floral dress and styled it so simply. Black necklace, hat, my sandals and I’m ready. Perfectly comfy for a walk in this beautiful park. 

dress+hat:H&M/ sandals:Deichmann/necklace:C&A





This is my lazy sunday ritual outfit: white shirt and blue jeans. And sometimes monday too. Effortless and chic. Totally enough to start the week. It’s also a self made tee inspired by a Lana Del Ray song plus Homer Simpson. It’s not the way how I first imagined but I like it. I took a statement necklace and my cutest flats ever. Aren’t they adorable? I adore my cattish loafers so much!
What do you think? 

jeans: H&M/shoes: New Yorker/ necklace: C&A/bag: H&M/ sunnies: Promod


Chaotic Friday

An other 80’s inspired outfit. Actually, I can’t really say inspired because it comes naturally, maybe I had born in a wrong century. But I don’t think that it would overcrop my style, it’s just a temporary obsession. Striped skater skirt, ruffled blouse and dotty socks. Maybe it’s too much, maybe I say maybe too much times. So to be concrete I love this blouse so much because it’s so ‘birdy’. Also my dandelion treadle, white sandals & socks combination which is so comfy in this weather.
 What do you think?

skirt+bag+socks: H&M/ Sandals: Humanic/ blouse: Atmosphere/ chain: New Yorker



Rainy Days

An other storm came to Europe and reached Hungary. So it’s my third day when I’m locked in the house because of the rain, cold and windstorms. Sadly, it means that I don’t have opportunity to shoot outfits.  
Recently, I spend  quite a lot of time with reading, baking and making yummy desserts. Here is a quick post about how to make a fab breakfast by 5 minutes.

1: Get a natural yoghurt and put it in a porringer.

2: Slice up a banana 

3: Take some cereals too, I took cheerios

4: Bite two pieces of chocolate into smaller bits

5: Take cherry or strawberry syrup or whatever you want on your plate

That’s all. Take an instagram photo and maybee #rslamode so I can check out. 
Eat it knowing that banana is high in potassium and low in salt, chocolate boost the brain’s blood supply  Cheerios is the only leading cereal proven to help lower cholesterol and yoghurt is healthy as well.

Bon appétit!




Rouge à lèvre

I started to learn french almost a month ago and I’m so happy for that  even my knowledge is still  pretty rudimentary. I have been in France quite a lot and I’m still in love with Provence and Paris. They are just breathtaking. I really, really want to live in Paris and work as a journalist when I’ll be grown up.
This is the cutest vintage top I’ve ever got and it’s red. If I would wear only two colours until my death it would red and black. I love to combine different shades of red together. I was wearing a red skirt, vibrant red blazer and a snake skin clutch.
What do you think?

skirt: H&M/ blazer: f&f/ top:ty / clutch : H&M/ boots: Jeffrey Campbell




I admire retro things soo much.  All those stuff have a special atmosphere, joyful and patterned. I made that polka dot  jeans almost year ago, I just forget about it. I got the idea from Elle’s blog: here. I paired with an old white knit and sandals. So glad that I can finally wear sandals again ahh. It’s the first post in  which I ‘did’ something with my hair. Yess it’s a kinda bun but for first and last time.

What do you think?

headband: H&M/ pants: diy/sandals: Tamaris/knit:old




Everything is amazing, magic is all around us waiting to be discovered. Same with wizards. I don’t know if they are people or creatures with the power to make things better. Actually, I think everyone is a wizard  and have a kind of magic to make their atmosphere better but mostly they just forget about it. The fate hasn’t written yet.

I read a lot recently. Every kind of books without selection. It’s fun.  At the moment, I’m ill so I have time. An old book about wizards and witches in the mediocrity came into my hands. I think I would have never read books like this before because I didn’t believe them. I still don’t but I might get the meaning. I don’t think  that my outfit is ‘wizardious’ because it’s such an everyday look but the hat..maybe. I got that vintage coat from my grandma, and I like it so much it goes well almost everything.
What do you think?  

jeans: H&M/shirt:Vogele/coat: vintage/boots: Jeffrey Campbell



Hello March

It’s officially spring finally and I’m so happy for that  even the dear weather refuse to present anything ‘spring-like’. Never mind the cool weather I’m having spring in my head and no one could break it. Found this adorable blouse at a secondhand shop but actually it’s too big for me so I took a deep green turtleneck top under it which seems a good idea because: a.) it’s another layer which keeps me warm  b.)I can wear the blouse  c.) it looks chic.

Denim skater skirt, pink blazer and my old favourite studded loafers (So happy to see you babes again!) and my Saturday afternoon outfit is ready to have a walk and get a coffee. I really love ( and missed during 3 cold months) those long city walks with my friends while exploring every little dinner and cafe. 

Hope you enjoyed the first day of March! 

 shoes:Deichmann/ skirt: H&M/ blouse: Atmosphere/ blazer: Orsay / bag: Sanches


The fault in our stars

Finally spring is almost here and I get back my gone vim. Waking up because of the sun caressing lights is much better than being awaken by an alarm while it’s still dark and cold outside.
So here we are.  The key piece of my latest outfit is this vintage shirt which is so lovely and I’m so glad that I found it in a secondhand shop. 
Paired simply with a leather skirt, black hat and my bro’s fancy shoes which I started to like recently
The title of this post refers to book  which you might know. John Green- The fault in our stars. It is a really..well, thoughtful  book but I haven’t finished yet so don’t be a spoiler. Have your ever read it?
What do you think? 

skirt: New yorker/ hat: H&M/ shirt: Vintage/bag:H&M



Bubble Gum Glow

I haven’t posted since a while because the weather is terrible, rainy and dark. So everyone is depressed and arrogant. Dear spring, where are you?

I still can’t decide that I like this outfit or no. It seems like a rebel teen left the prom night and went to skateboarding instead. Something like that which I don’t really think I would ever do. 
Dots are still the coolest pattern so why wouldn’t I wear double dots together?

I almost forgot about that dress which I bought 2 years ago for an occasion but  lately I started watching Carrie diaries again and this dress has a Carrie feeling, at least for me.
I don’t really wear neon or too flashy colours together but not today. Turquoise beanie stolen from Petra plus my pink clutch.
What do you think? 

blazer:Orsay/wedges: New Yorker/ necklace+bracelt: H&M