84. Trip to  the Castle

As I promised there is a special post about a trip to the Castle of Diósgyőr.  It’s really old but still so monumental and memorable. I love walking inside of the old-time walls and feel the sense of the history. I think it is one of the most visited attraction in my city. Today I am dressed so summerly. I caught up a light blue printed coveralls and a pink denim jacket. The best thing in the colour block  is that you don’t need to match any items. It was my first experiment to wear  totally  different colors together but I love it. I mixed it with a neon necklace, a pink belt and a studded loafer. We took some photos in the moat.

coveralls: H&M/ jacket: Takko/ loafer: Deichmann / belt: H&M/ necklace: Bijou Brigitte