First of all: Welcome June, welcome summer!

I didn’t want to photograph an other crop top..but it was so hot and they are so damn cool! So here I am with yellow roses, leather skirt and burgundy top. 
I don’t know ( maybe it’s just my crazy) but those photos have an italian feelin’. I really, really could imagine myself wearing this outfit and walking through Verona’s streets. 

And a little apologise for the lack of posts..gonna catch up and update in maximum of 3 days. Well, at least I have a goal..I will see if I can manage.
Actually school is the annoying thing which usually takes my time and chemistry is here for me to not to waste time for sleeping and etc. Only 8 days and its over! and it means that 10 days and Paris!! Can’t wait!
Btw I still have a physics and  a geography exam this week so wish me luck…a lot of luck!

skirt: H&M/ top: Next/ sandals: Deichmann



Easy breezy

You can’t even believe how happy am I for this awesome weather. 30°C all day! fabulous! And as I lately found out my mood really depends on the weather #sorrynotsorry  but I can’t change on it. So it’s time for crop tops! Yayy! I bought that one in winter and couldn’t wait to wear it, it’s soo retro. Actually my outfit is totally retro, starts from the dotted top to my wavy hair. 

But for exactly  the above mentioned reasons make so hard to be at school  and write millions of exams. That’s why I’m not so active recently. Never mind..3 weeks and its over!!

top: New Yorker/skirt: H&M/shoes:deichmann/bag: sanches



Monochrome Vibes

Monochrome outfit in  glorious green. I still obsessed ( well.it’s not an obsession its pure love) with black&white together. 
I never get bored with it even if just about a white tee, black jeans and black blazer. Always classy!
As for me I don’t think that black&white is equal with the dresscode for galas. They are just elegant.

Btw, it’s the third time you can see that skirt on my blog ( here and here). I really like it, it’s good with everything. Also, the blouse is simple with a little twist: ruffles on the arm. And my fave hat of course.:)
Well I rather imagine this outfit in the streets of Paris but hope you enjoy that background too.
What do you think?

blouse: New Look/skirt: New Yorker/hat: H&M/ sandals: Deichmann



Sunny Streets

I wanted to bring some cheerful sunshine to my blog so I thought about roses and marked colors. The weather was so fab and I really had a summer feelin’ so I chose a silk, translucent blouse, floral skirt and and white sandals. I think my pink clutch which makes jolly.

School on Saturday was so awful and I don’t even have a weekend. I mean one day but it’s enough for nothing! Btw, I can’t believe that only 4 weeks to summer, 4 weeks to Paris! Sadly, I still have a few subjects to correct like physics and chemistry. So wish me a bunch of luck. I wish you too! Keep up just 4 weeks!

What do you think?



Grey is so alright

The awkward moment when you realise that an arrow is just pointing to your head in the backgournd ..nevermind, say  it was deliberate. So that’s a lil dark outfit consists of a leather skirt, cutout boots and a printed tee. I wore my fluffy little cardigan which I wear mostly in theaters ..well not today. 
I’m so happy that it’s finally May because it means that summer/ end of school is almost here and just a few weeks to Paris. 

However the weather is still rainy and cold but I think I got used to it. Hope you had a joyful 4 days, mine was ful of relax and the 3 more free days is like the gift of the God.

But they will be just about learning..you know final exams.

hat+cardigan+tee:H&M/skirt+shoes:New Yorker



Waves of Changes

I have been on 3 mini olympics lately so I’m not lying when I say i’m exhausted. Yes, also need more time to catch up with this blog and finish my book.  Oh, dear plans!
A second spring break is on the way so I just pray for the better weather. Seriously, I shot these photos today afternoon and now I’m stuck in my room with hot chocolate and watching the storm outside. It’s really fab but it constraints to stay inside all the time.
I think I’ve become quite sporty so far maybe thanks to the contests. So I was inspired by my sneakers because I was too lazy change them after the contest and I got an idea. I bought that daisy dress on glamour days and I wore it as a skirt because I keep the full dress for paris. hah. A grey top and 3 selfmade necklace. My spontaneous outfit is ready. 

What do you think?

dress: H&M/ sneakers: Hervis/ sunnies: Promod/top: Levis


Middle of Nothing

When my spring break started I decided that I will be so productive like writing more posts, learning, sort my wardrobe, catch up with my series and so on… Well… it didn’t really happened ( except series:D) but it would have been a magic because I only had 4 days including Easter. 
So, I used this really tiny amount of time to  relax and chill with my friends. Get a hot chocolate & watch a movie or hang in a park and trying to skateboarding. That’s what I did for 4 super happy days.
Sadly, its over and I just started to learn for tomorrow. Nevermind, only 5 weeks to summer!!!
Here is my off duty look for the spring break. A vintage sweater, leather skirt and cut out boots are just perfect for every occasion. Especially, for doing exactly nothing.:D

sweater:vintage/skirt:C&A/boots:NewYorker/sunglasses:Promod/bag: Sanches


Claret Diaries

Silky, fairy post straight from the Forest. I found my shooting chancel in the field of the mother earth. So weird that during the 1,5 year blogging I just realised the wonder of the nature on my outfit photos now.
This time I wore a burgundy dress with lace arms, flower crown and white sandals. I really adore this background so I think I gonna have more photos in the nearly forest.

What do you think?

sandals: Tom Tailor/ flower crown: Claire’s/sunglasses: Promod

Have a fabulous Spring break full of fun and relax. 
Happy Easter!



Back to reality and my weather complaints after last week’s bright sunny days. Seems like I’m a time traveller from croptop weather to big long coats. Well, I’m not, it just  happens thanks to global warming?!

Btw, I  bought these cut out boots on Glamour days. Haha, here is one reason to not get rid of the terrible weather.
 I always feel a bit ‘strange’ when I’m dressed in one brand from head to toe. I actually love this drape khaki coat with leather arms. Also, my well known leather skater skirt plus a black silk shirt.
That’s my outfit for a rainy, cold monday.

What do you think?

Everything from H&M/ expect: boots: New Yorker/ backpack:Sanches/



Shades of forest

I can’t say that I count as a sporty girl because mostly I wear blazers, skirt and wedges. But these obviously don’t fit the forest where were on the weekend.
It was just a quick excursion with friend and some adrenaline rush to find the good way. Luckily almost always succesful. No..not.

So I wore my trainers, a crop top, black skirt and old denim shirt. Simply weekend look with the twist of the shoes. I don’t wear them on streets just for running but I actually think running shoes look good on streets. Or maybe I just got friendly with it because it counts as usual since two years.
Btw, it’s also a selfmade top, I’m really into making own prints when I have some time.
What do you think?

trainers: Spordirect/skirt: C&A/ top: DIY/sunnies: Promod