Happy Halloween!

Hey guys! Hope you enjoy this day because it’s halloween aaand it’s exactly the day when I started blogging. One year ago… omg that sounds so serious, isn’t it?

I’m so happy for my decision, having this blog is one of the greatest things in my life. 
Thank you for the comments, encouragements, follows and supports. It means a lot to me!
During this year I posted 126 different outfits, I made 2 interviews and I wrote 6 articles and I uploaded a photodiary. I gained a lot of experience and got acquainted with so many cool people.

For today I was thinking about something really special and I couldn’t leave out the fact that it’s halloween! I called my friends and we took some photos.
Well, we didn’t wear costumes but I tried to make outfits with a halloween sense!

 I love making outfits for others especially if they like it. I selected black, dark blue, red and burgundy pieces from my closet. Leather and lace were the two basic matter that I used.

As for me, I took a black lace top with a collar, boots and my favourite burgundy skirt. 

Alexa (left) was wearing a a dark blue ‘bat’ blouse with leather skirt, dwarf heels and a cross medal. Her everyday style is about basic things and she is a kinda ‘model of duty’ girl so I tried to convince to wear something out of her comfort zone.

Virág was wearing a plaid shirt, leather pants and wedges. Her style is a bit retro and rock and she always wears something edgy. So taht’s why I chose plaid and leather for her!

Laura had a similar outfit as me with a dark blue lace top, white skirt and studded loafer.